Hi lol this is littel info about me o_o

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Hi lol this is littel info about me o_o

Post  DevilCruzer on Sun Nov 30, 2008 7:01 am

Hi xD i am DevilCruzer many ppl now me as Shadow from servers o_o like TalesOfkings exploader in Foxlv all gms i was as Vampyreman1 if some1 wanna ask lol! if some1 wanna know littel info of me o.o
Real name:Jan
Hamachi name Shadow xP
Favorit top class:SS/Crus xD
Why:1. SS is full damage dealer and the best class if use ur inteligence and have good pr and def cuz then is dosent works even if the crus have the same pr lol
2. also ss is the fastest players so they can run away from enemyes.
But if we dont have good pr i take crus xD
1. Cruses 1 hit if i am strong enough xP
3.Good look
4.High attack speed lol
well i think this was all lol cya in game
btw can ya guys upload patch 1 somewhere else cuz i cant download <.<
and if some1 wanna ask why i joined this server?
A:Cuz Tales oF kings owner just maked his ps for money at top and he dont really care about ppl
and this serv looks cool O.o and i hope to meet many new friends =)

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